Blog Guidelines

Want to participate in the conversation and leave a reply or comment? We appreciate your participation in the discussion and encourage it. However, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments. As such we review all comments before they show up on the site. Basic things to consider when commenting:

  1. Be kind. Let’s all follow The Golden Rule and do unto others… That said, comment on the content and the conversation you find here, not the individuals. If you don’t your comment likely won’t make it onto the site.
  2. Add value. Contribute comments in the spirit of elevating this blog to higher levels of conversation and providing information useful to others. You can have fun doing it, but try to focus on helping others with your unique insights.
  3. Link appropriately. If you use links in your comment make it appropriate and relevant to the conversation. Otherwise your comment won’t make it onto the site.
  4. Don’t spam. If you want to shamelessly self-promote your company, service or product, your comment won’t make it onto the site. If it’s relevant to the conversation and done so tactfully, it’s probably fine.

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