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Being Transparent With Your Customers

By John Eklund, Pro Mach | Permanent Link

iContact, the email software provider of choice for the divisions of Pro Mach, had some serious issues a few months ago with downtime with their application due to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks across the internet.

Obviously they’re sensitive to their customer needs so they fully disclosed everything that happened in an email to their customers and what they were doing to resolve it. Proactively. They didn’t wait for the situation to clear up – they addressed it as soon as they realized what was going on. They communicated every step of the way and from an end user perspective, I can tell you I appreciated knowing what was going on.

The email included headings such as “How We Are Addressing the Remaining Issues” and “What Happened” and “Updates & How You Can Reach Us” – they also linked to resources about these kind of attacks so we could learn more.

Here’s the full letter that their CEO sent out to their customer base.

Transparency means you don’t have anything to hide. You share with your customers, you communicate with them, you tell them what’s going on, you tell them you’re not always perfect. The strange thing is that the customer has more of a chance to become an advocate when they realize you’re not perfect. Transparency creates trust. Of course customers don’t ever want a less than perfect situation with their suppliers, but they inevitably do happen. It’s how you react that shows the customer what you’re really made of and that shapes how they perceive you long term.

What can you do to be more transparent with your customers?


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