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5 Essential Tips on Giving Great Service

By John Eklund, Pro Mach | Permanent Link

Great client service consists of these five elements:

  • manage client expectations
  • maintain high availability
  • practice courtesy and respect
  • practice honesty in all communications
  • be proactive in your service

This is a summary of a great SitePoint article Give Great Service: 5 Essential Tips. SitePoint is a web site that focuses on providing information to web developers and designers, particularly the freelance segment. You’re probably thinking “Web designers? Freelancers? How does that apply to my company?” Well customer service is customer service, no matter the industry, no matter if you’re a large company or a lone freelancer. And this article really focuses on fundamentals.

Read the whole article and you’ll find you’re nodding your head a lot going “Yeah… of course… well, duh.” But really turn that notion of obviousness and shine it back on your company. Are you delivering on the points in the article all the time? Consistently? Is there room for improvement?

Every now and then it’s good to get a refresher, and this is a good one.


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