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Customer Service – Your Lifeline to Success

By James Parker, Pacific Rim Plastics | Permanent Link

Today’s major companies, for both sides of the table, sometimes focus on cutting cost by eliminating people in their customer service department. This can be the difference between getting your product on time and made correctly or getting something all wrong and delivered late. A good quality customer service department is your lifeline to success. Like a good salesperson they know your product and needs as well as they know their own.

You can identify a quality customer service department by the way they answer or ask questions. If they have little to say I’d be concerned. I recently had that experience with a manufacturer who wanted to give me a “JIT” (Just in Time) order but provided me very little information. I passed on the order.

On the other hand I have numerous repeat customers requesting “JIT” and we go over their size, gauge, packaging, delivery times, any changes that the plant may have had since the last order (such as machines or pack changes), person to contact in case of a problem and cost. These are the critical points to look for in today’s fast paced order and delivery world.

I’m Jim Parker and next up is the new “JIT” replaced with “NIY”.

Jim Parker is a guest contributor with Pacific Rim Plastics. You can email him at dparker866@aol.com


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