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5 Questions on Customer Service with Beau Moreau

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We’re starting a new segment here at where we’ll occasionally spotlight Pro Mach employees who have gone above and beyond in providing customer service and have been praised by a customer. For each spotlight we’ll do a quick Q&A format with 5 questions on customer service.

For our first “5 Questions” segment we’re featuring Beau Moreau, Lead Engineer at Allpax Products down in Covington, LA. Beau received some terrific praise from a pet food company Allpax recently did some work with:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the audit performed by Beau Moreau. It was very enlightening as I expected it would be. Beau is an extremely talented individual who displayed top notch professionalism during his visit. It was a pleasure working with him and he certainly is an employee Allpax can be proud of.

– Director of Operations
Major Pet Food Manufacturer

With that said, here’s 5 Questions with Beau Moreau:

1) Your personal philosophy of customer service in 5 words or less:
Solid support equals recurring business.

2) What can a customer do to give you the best chance to shine?
Set clear expectations. Prepare an agenda or list of items for any in-plant service work and distribute the list both to us (the vendor) and internally to their plant.

3) What’s the most “above and beyond” you feel like you’ve gone for a customer?
I frequently provide customers with 3D CAD work and preliminary engineering information to demonstrate an idea or plan to provide work. I find this visualization of conceptual work provides a better understanding between the customers and myself.

4) What new technologies are having a major impact on service and support?
Using Solidworks as the primary CAD platform for new engineering work. This has increased the fidelity of our engineering work and also allows us to provide drawings and 3D models to our potential customers. This real world depiction of 3D objects is much easier to understand than 2D line drawings.

5) What’s the biggest obstacle customers face for achieving maximum machine or line uptime?
Preventative maintenance.

Many thanks to Beau Moreau for taking time to answer these questions and congratulations to him on wowing our customers.


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