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Pride in Design and Construction Translates into Pride in Service

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It’s one thing to see a packaging machine on a trade show floor and quite another to visit the plant where the machine was designed and built. At a trade show you experience the machine. Within the manufacturing plant, you gain first hand knowledge of the spirit that went into the design and manufacture of that machine.

Telling details emerge on facility tours. Clean work areas and well maintained and organized hand tools indicate a craftsmanship mentality. Tour guides who highlight the quality of the materials used in the machines, low turnover of the manufacturing staff, and the longevity of the company’s machines indicate what’s important to them – the quality of the product. When the tour guide introduces technicians, says hello to staffers, or stops to ask a question about a particular machine, you know that the guide is no stranger to the shop floor.

A tour will show how the plant evolved over time and whether sound decisions were made in organizing workflow given the constraints of the physical layout. Signs of growth in the manufacturing area are a plus. A discussion of the design tools available to the design team and interaction with the design staff during the tour indicate an engineering focused company.

The plant tour and meeting the people behind the machine provides customers the opportunity to more completely understand the origin of the machine and the ability to project its ultimate performance. Companies that build long-lasting packaging machines promote an engineering culture and take pride in their quality products. These same high standards can be found in the service and support offered by the machine manufacturer.

When you acquire a packaging machine you acquire the manufacturer as a long-term partner. Before entering into that relationship, visit the place where the machine will be built. Experience for yourself the culture behind the machine.

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