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How Confident Are You in Your Product?

We all probably (hopefully) feel pretty confident in our products, but how many companies are so confident they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is?

Domino’s Pizza, in the midst of revitalizing their image, has taken an unprecedented step: posting real-time, uncensored user reviews on an electronic billboard in Time Square.… Continued »

Views from Corner Offices – Tiered Suppliers and Lowering Maintenance Costs

In this series of interviews with senior managers, I explore how the supply chain affects total cost of ownership of packaging technology.

Allpax started life as an engineering organization that outsourced its manufacturing. Managers found that outsourcing manufacture of their equipment did not achieve the level of quality and delivery they set themselves.… Continued »

Views from Corner Offices – Lowering Packaging Machine Maintenance and Operating Costs (Part 2)

In Part 1 of my interview with Ernie Newell, vice president and general manager of Ossid, a division of Pro Mach, Ernie discussed how relationships with supply chain partners help packaging machine OEMs lower the overall lifecycle cost of a machine.

In Part 2 of this interview, Ernie and I discuss how packaging machine OEMs can work directly with customers to ensure lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.… Continued »

Views from Corner Offices – Lowering Packaging Machine Maintenance and Operating Costs (Part 1)

With much of the attention focused on developing high-performance, price competitive packaging machines, what are machinery OEMs doing to lower the maintenance and operating costs of their equipment after the sale? This is the first in a new series of interviews with OEM general managers on striving for lowest total cost of ownership for their customers.… Continued »

An Entire Employee Handbook On a Notecard

They say that to succeed companies must chose what their value proposition will be. Is it to be the low cost leader? The customer service leader? Have the widest selection? Once you pick your value proposition it dictates all your future strategies, tactics, behaviors, etc. One company that excelled at this was Nordstrom.… Continued »

ProCustomer Champions 2010

At Pack Expo International 2010 in Chicago, IL, we hosted a ProCustomer Cocktail Party where we invited our key customers and partners to relax and unwind with us as a thank you for working with us.

At the party we were excited to announce our first ever ProCustomer Champions for excellence in customer service.… Continued »

The ProCustomer Smart Bar at Pack Expo 2010

Pack Expo International 2010 starts this Sunday, October 31 and runs through Wednesday, November 3 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Pro Mach and its brands will have a 12,000 square foot island in the South Hall where we’ll be showcasing all our solutions for the packaging industry.

Also at Pack Expo we’ll be offering a first – the ProCustomer Smart Bar (booth S-956) – a place for you to come and ask us anything about packaging machinery.… Continued »

SAVEing Customer Service

There’s a really thought-provoking post over at the NY Times blog that offers some insights into customer service from Jay Goltz, a small business owner in Chicago. In How to S.A.V.E. Customer Service, he discusses the elements of a great customer service rep:

  • 20% – Being friendly
  • 40% – Knowing the products/services
  • 40% – Knowing how to take care of angry customers

That last 40% is what he really expounds on and shares a nice acronym on how to SAVE an angry customer:

  • S – Sympathize – Let them know they’ve been heard and that you see why they’re unhappy
  • A – Act – Tell them what you’re going to do to fix it
  • V – Vindicate – Assure them this is not business as usual
  • E – Eat Something – Do something to make it up to them

Following the SAVE methodology can go a long way.… Continued »

Food and Beverage Replacement Parts Survey Results

Food Engineering magazine just published their 8th Annual Replacement Parts Directory in their August 2010 issue and in it they included a Replacement Parts & Components Survey of food and beverage professionals that has some very good information in it.

Two of the charts stood out to me and offered some really great customer-centric insight into the parts and maintenance process.… Continued »

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

I’m not talking about babies here, I’m talking about customers. The easiest way to create happy customers? Do what you say you’re going to do.

There’s a catch though – a lot of us don’t say what we’re going to do. That step – setting the expectation level – is what we’re missing.… Continued »

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