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ProCustomer Champions 2010

At Pack Expo International 2010 in Chicago, IL, we hosted a ProCustomer Cocktail Party where we invited our key customers and partners to relax and unwind with us as a thank you for working with us.

At the party we were excited to announce our first ever ProCustomer Champions for excellence in customer service.… Continued »

Be the Zappos of Your Industry

You really should strive to be the Zappos of your industry. Seriously. Ever heard of Zappos? If not you should know that they’re an online shoe and clothing company. How is that relevant to the packaging industry or any industry that’s not online shoes and clothing?

Simple – Zappos understands that their business is not about shoes and clothing.… Continued »

Pride in Design and Construction Translates into Pride in Service

It’s one thing to see a packaging machine on a trade show floor and quite another to visit the plant where the machine was designed and built. At a trade show you experience the machine. Within the manufacturing plant, you gain first hand knowledge of the spirit that went into the design and manufacture of that machine.… Continued »

5 Questions on Customer Service with Beau Moreau

We’re starting a new segment here at where we’ll occasionally spotlight Pro Mach employees who have gone above and beyond in providing customer service and have been praised by a customer. For each spotlight we’ll do a quick Q&A format with 5 questions on customer service.

For our first “5 Questions” segment we’re featuring Beau Moreau, Lead Engineer at Allpax Products down in Covington, LA.… Continued »

Proclaim Service Contracts from the Rooftops

A number of the equipment manufacturer service managers I speak with are frustrated by the fact they only talk with customers when they experience a problem.

These managers think that machine operators don’t receive enough initial or ongoing training to maintain proper adjustments that keep the machine in spec. They say that end users do not service the machine at recommended intervals which leads to downtime.… Continued »

Understanding Superior Customer Service

When we embarked on creating ProCustomer, we had a lot of learning to do to get up to speed on truly understanding and documenting what it takes to offer superior customer service. We had a general idea that we were offering great customer service, but we never really deconstructed it to understand how we did it.… Continued »

Remove the Barriers to Great Customer Service Experiences

I think we tend to forget that the most critical element in creating a great customer service experience is giving your people the power to make a great customer service experience.

Read it again this way: if you don’t give your people the power to create awesome customer service experiences they can’t create awesome customer service experiences.… Continued »

Responsiveness is 99 Percent of World-Class Support

Three years ago I interviewed the operations and quality manager at the nation’s oldest continuously operating brewery for an article I was writing on robotics for Packaging World magazine. The brewery used robots to automate de-palletizing and palletizing heavy beer kegs entering and leaving the plant. I asked about service from the robotics company and the manager answered, “We’ve received world-class responsiveness in terms of support from the robotics supplier.… Continued »

On Creating Customer Advocates

Stick with me here, because I’m going to be talking about baby monitors. But I promise I’ll use the example to make a point.

Before we had our first child we researched a lot of different baby monitors before settling in on a system that was a bit pricey – $125 – but got great reviews.… Continued »

50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew

The Remarkable Communication Blog has a fantastic article on 50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew – every point is written from a customer’s perspective, which is a viewpoint we could all stand to take more often.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Telling me what you don’t know makes me trust you.
Continued »
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