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SAVEing Customer Service

There’s a really thought-provoking post over at the NY Times blog that offers some insights into customer service from Jay Goltz, a small business owner in Chicago. In How to S.A.V.E. Customer Service, he discusses the elements of a great customer service rep:

  • 20% – Being friendly
  • 40% – Knowing the products/services
  • 40% – Knowing how to take care of angry customers

That last 40% is what he really expounds on and shares a nice acronym on how to SAVE an angry customer:

  • S – Sympathize – Let them know they’ve been heard and that you see why they’re unhappy
  • A – Act – Tell them what you’re going to do to fix it
  • V – Vindicate – Assure them this is not business as usual
  • E – Eat Something – Do something to make it up to them

Following the SAVE methodology can go a long way.… Continued »

Customer Service – Your Lifeline to Success

Today’s major companies, for both sides of the table, sometimes focus on cutting cost by eliminating people in their customer service department. This can be the difference between getting your product on time and made correctly or getting something all wrong and delivered late. A good quality customer service department is your lifeline to success.… Continued »

A Tale of Two Phones

The world loves an early adopter, but it’s looking like early adopters of the new Google Nexus One phone aren’t feeling the love from Google. Google launched the Nexus One on January 5 of this year – it’s first real venture into selling hardware directly to customers on the retail side of the business world, where customer service is crucial.… Continued »