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The Quality of This Training Was So High a State Agency Paid the Tab

One of Pro Mach’s divisions uses a written exam as part of its new machine training program, and I wondered how machine operators reacted when faced with taking a written test. After reviewing a sample exam for a Wexxar/BEL case former, I became even more curious about operator reaction. The nine page exam, complete with schematics, looked like it came right out of a technical college course.… Continued »

Why Certified Training? Because One Size Does Not Fit All

I am a firm believer in the role of certification to help people take their experience to an industry recognized level of expertise. I’ve found that those who earn certification have a profound feeling of accomplishment and conduct themselves with a noticeably higher level of professionalism.

If a person is going to train others on the use of equipment, earning a training certification is especially important.… Continued »

Plan on Three Training Sessions for Peak Operation of a Machine

A customer called us recently to say the machine we installed a month prior had run smoothly at peak throughput and then suddenly started having real problems. We rushed out a service technician and within 15 minutes the machine was back up to speed. The problem was that an operator had forgotten how to make a particular adjustment that he’d been taught during training at start up.… Continued »